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LWCA Lake News

LWCA Conducts New Water Survey

This year the LWCA is conducting a major new survey of the Lake’s water quality. The the July testing has been completed by Kevin Moyser. The second testing will take place in the fall and will be lead by the […]

Water Testing at South End of Lake

In June a LWCA member brought to our attention some foam near the waterfall that looked “ugly”. We followed up with a water test. The results of the test showed a relatively high e. coli count. At a second location […]

Beaver Dam Breaks at Head of Fraser Creek

About three kilometres up Weslemkoon Road you may have noticed the swamp area beside the road drained this summer. That’s because the beaver dam broke. It has since been fixed.

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Photo Contest Winners 2016

LANDSCAPE: Reflections, Pete Warren, #25


Elk are Learning to Avoid Hunters

By Brian Owens   As female elk get older, they also get wiser: they learn how to avoid getting shot by hunters, and appear to adapt their behaviour to the types of weapon the hunters carry. Hunting by humans is known […]

What to Do About Woodpecker Holes?

We have a cedar tree that woodpeckers have drilled a number of holes in. The first time they did this we coated the hole with tar. But that is not the best thing to do. The advice from tree experts […]

Wildflowers of the Weslemkoon Wetlands

By Marion Evans Photographs by Barrie Evans (All photographs were taken at the north end  of the lake). From your canoe, kayak, paddleboat or fishing boat, take the opportunity to scan the shoreline of Lake Weslemkoon for plants that love […]

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LWCA Portfolios

Junior Loons

2016 Junior Loons Report By Melissa Tervit and Patty Milne   HIKE…

Water Quality

Water Quality Update by LWCA Director Ian Mackenzie, November 2017 Maintaining the high…


  The LWCA provides and maintains a total of 17 courtesy shoal…

Water Levels

Water levels on Lake Weslemkoon are maintained by the Ministry of Natural…

Custodial Visits

Custodial Visits Winter 2017-2018 Update: Members of the LWCA are entitled to…

Municipal Affairs

The following are developments which have transpired in regards to Municipal Affairs…

Septics & Waste Water

The LWCA is very interested in helping cottagers to maintain their septic…

Forestry & Hiking

Forestry and Hiking Update by Bruce Magee, LWCA Director - November 2017 Forestry…

The Riparian Zone

Bruce McGee discusses the importance of the riparian zone to help keeping a our lake water clean.

Septic Barge

Get Pumped!

Maintaining your septic is important to protect your investment and keep our water clean. Our Get Pumped! program is here to help you maintain your septic.

Contact Fran at Kawartha Utilities (705-654-4000) to get your septic pumped. They come on the Lake whenever they get ten cottagers signed up.


The Lake: 1900 – 1930s


The Lake: Stats

4,832 acres
Surface Area
180 ft
Maximum Depth
61.4 mi
147,617 acre ft

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