Septics & Waste Water

The LWCA is very interested in helping cottagers to maintain their septic systems. Why? Good maintenance of your septic system is the best thing that you can do to protect our lake water quality and to prevent costly repairs and/or replacement.

Septic Reviews

A septic review / inspection will let you know the health of your septic system and if pumping services are required. If your septic tank gets too full, sludge can overflow into your bed where it may cause irreparable damage and require bed replacement. For an idea of what a septic system inspection is like, check out the video Understanding Your Cottage Country Septic System. This video, provided by the Federation of Ontario Cottager’s Associations (FOCA) is very informative.

Geoff Gordon was on the lake in July for the first round of septic reviews. Reviews were done at a rate of $175 per system. They are confidential between the owner and the reviewer. Everyone who worked with Geoff found it to be very helpful. One cottage owner has given permission to post her Septic Report Template, for your information. 

If you are interested in having your system reviewed, you may contact Geoff directly at 613-334-9050 or email

Septic Pumping

Kawartha Utilities is scheduled to be on the lake for septic pumping starting August 27th. There are about 16 cottagers who have signed up for this service. If you would like to have your septic pumped (pumper will probably not return for another 2 years) phone  or email Terri Foster (705-654-4000) to book your septic pumping.

The 2017 rate was as follows: $950 (if 10 systems are pumped), $925 (if 15 systems are pumped), $900 (if 20 or more systems are pumped).

Keep in mind that for either septic inspection or pumping you will need to have both of your hatches uncovered and provide clear directions or a map so that the inspector/pumper can find your tank and field (if you will not be there). The LWCA is only coordinating the inspector/pumper to come to the lake, cottagers contract directly with Citadel Home Inspections and Kawartha Utilities.

If you have any difficulty accessing the google docs sign up sheet, please contact LWCA Director Patricia Milne at

If you would like to read more about septic systems, check out this handy guide produced by The Canadian Government.

Septic Barge
Kawartha Utlities Company making rounds to various cottages in 2016.




Get Pumped!

For more information on septics, septic inspections and how to get your septic pumped go through our booklet below.

LWCA Get Pumped Booklet 2018