Junior Loons

Junior Loons Happenings…

2018 Summer Events

Jr Loons will be Geochaching for the July 7 event. We will set some caches around the lake in areas where there is a cell signal. Volunteers boat drivers are needed.

The August event will include kayak races and water games. It will take place at cottage 233 on the North Shore.

For our small group construction project we plan on building a loon nesting platform, and possibly replacing the missing shingles on the shack at Pikes Peak. Stay tuned for more details (here on the website, on Facebook and on posted flyers at the marinas).

Looking Back…

Summer 2017 

July 8th hike

Liakefest activities – Frank Smith generously donated some of the proceeds from last summer’s fireworks to help fund the Jr Loons activities at Lakefest.  The kids once again enjoyed Hula Hooping with Deejay, face painting and relay races.

Bat House Building – The Little Brown Bat is now on the endangered species list due to mass die-offs from white nose syndrome. To make life easier for the bats who remain around Lake Weslemkoon we constructed bat houses.

Poster Contest! – This contest was designed to teach cottagers and visitors to our lake about an important conservation issue (artist’s choice).  Posters could be any size and could be created by hand or using a computer. There were 2 prize categories – best Primary grade poster and best Jr/Intermediate grade poster.

Activity Book Contest!  Congratulations to Kassia Deep for winning the draw for the action video camera. Kassia completed her Jr Loons A & B: Activity Book and submitted her work by the Thanksgiving draw date.

Summer 2016 

By Melissa Tervit and Patty Milne


One nice summer day, we and everyone else from Junior Loons went on a hike to Mink Lake. On the hike we saw lots of cool bugs and plants. There were many trips, but everyone made it there safely. Once we were at Mink Lake, we learned about many plants that we saw. We also went swimming, and played a few games of manhunt. We also had some yummy snacks. We had a blast at Mink Lake and we are sure everyone else did too!


Today I went to this year’s Junior Loons water day. It was really fun! We started out talking about why we need to keep our lake healthy and how we keep our lake clean. After that everyone got ready for a kayak race. The race was really fun, and so was the water day. I can’t wait to go back next year!


Once again we wish to thank Frank and Freda Smith for inviting the Jr. Loons to Lakefest and for generously funding our activities for the day. We were treated to Hula-hoop lessons with DeeJay, awesome bouncy slides and an obstacle course race that kept us entertained for the afternoon as we raced each other many times over, and an amazingly talented face painter who created masterpieces on our faces. We rounded out the day with some fun relay races and watermelon seed spitting contests before enjoying a great meal with all our friends.