Honour Burke

By Colleen Burke Tripp

Honor and Mike Burke (my mom and dad) became a part of Weslemkoon history when back in the early 1970’s they started renting a cottage from Four Loons Marina. They loved it so much they decided to purchase a “shell” of a cottage from Jack Nichol on Nicol Island. It was a pretty clean slate to start working from. Rough cottaging to be sure, including the joy of using an outhouse…LOL. Propane went in for lighting, and a beautiful old wood stove for cooking, since then lots of inside construction, updating and renovations. Dad still owns it now but it is much bigger and beautiful then their original purchase.

Being a part of Weslemkoon was important enough for mom and dad to purchase the Four Loons Marina in 1978, renamed to Burke’s Marina. It was a family affair to be sure. Most of us worked there at some point of our lives.  Mom really loved being there.  She enjoyed the coffee mornings, the regular cottagers coming in for meals, gas and grocery shopping, and of course renting out the cottages at the point. Her pies and tarts were well known, the best home made bake goods around.  Mom had fun watching her grandchildren and any of the neighbours kids who joined in, swimming off the dock in front of the Marina, music playing, card games, and the pin ball machines and pool table in action, that was Burke’s Marina under mom and dad.

Mom gave up a job she loved at Loyalist Collage to manage and work the marina with my dad. It was a great part of their lives. They sold the Marina in 1990, getting ready to retire.

Mom loved being with people, loved the lake and loved her family being around. She left a special mark on the memory of many people young and old.

Thank you for the opportunity to share a bit of my mom’s history and memories on Weslemkoon Lake.

I am sure my mom, Honor Florence Burke will live in the hearts of many. Mom passed away January 16, 2018.

3 thoughts on “Honour Burke

  1. So sorry to hear about Honour, I grew up on the lake. My parents Rita and Fred Eustace had the cottage and we were there for the whole summer. I have many wonderful memories of that Marina and those Pinball Machines. Both my parents are gone, My sister and I own the cottage together now. But I will always treasure the memories of my entire childhood at the lake.

  2. That shell of a cottage was probably my relative of some sort. Was it located up on the bluff at the south end of the Island? Had a really cool boat house with its own little cove and entrance off the main channel.
    Jack was somehow related to my mom pat, who was the daughter of KT Nicol and sister to Barb noble who with her husband cliff noble owned( and still do) the point beach property on Nicol Island. Their daughter Laurie,, probably stays there mostly now as they are elderly and not well enough to come to the koon anymore.
    Your parents story is heart warming, and though she has passed, I’m sure the memories of that life @ weslemkoon will live forever with you and your surviving family. They are still with me all these years later.

  3. Colleen, what a lovely tribute to your Mother. I enjoyed learning about your family’s history on the lake.

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