Municipal Affairs

2016 Municipal Report 

By Paul Bottos

I’d like to take this opportunity to provide a brief review of the municipal issues which were dealt with by the LWCA during the past year.


Development on the Lake 

The LWCA continues to receive copies of development applications in and surrounding the lake. The LWCA looks forward to the continued receipt of this information from the Township.


Cottage Numbers

In the event that you require replacement cottage number or require a new cottage number to be assigned, please contact the LWCA as we work with the Township for the purposes of assigning same. Please note that roadside numbers are assigned directly by the Township and you should contact the Township directly with respect to same.  The Township has indicated that it is currently in discussions with county representatives and others so as to possibly amend or alter this process and/or change the cottage numbers for the lake. These discussions were prompted by the County and are still at a somewhat preliminary stage.


Wind Power

The Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) made its decision last year confirming that neither the NextEra project nor the Res Canada project were approved for wind power development. This does not preclude them or any other party from making applications in the future in the event that opportunities become available.

I trust the above keeps you informed as to the developments which have transpired in regards to municipal issues during the past year. Should anyone have any interest in the noted issues of have any other issues which may be of interest or concern, please do not hesitate to contact the LWCA in order that same may be raised and discussed.