The LWCA provides and maintains a total of 17 courtesy shoal markers in various locations on the lake. The markers are fitted with solar-powered lights to assist boaters. The markers are deployed on the lake as soon a practically possible after “ice-out” and removed in early November. Mike Watson is currently the Shoal Marker Custodian, and we thank him for his hard work.

It’s not always an easy job to keep track of the markers over the course of cottaging season, as high water levels and inclement weather (with high winds) can cause the markers to break loose or turn “turtle”. Currently the LWCA is looking a new design of Courtesy Shoal Markers to try and address some of the issues experienced during the 2017 season. We anticipate the new design to have a smaller cross-sectional area, thereby reducing their susceptibility to wind and wave action. Our intention will be to trial a few over the 2018 season and if successful, replace the remaining markers over the next couple of years.

We are thankful to cottagers who report when markers have gone missing or the lights malfunction. Markers are replaced as soon as practically possible once Mike is made aware and is back up at the lake.



This marker is located between Picnic Island and Reid’s Island, in Squally Bay.
This marker is located at xxx