Forestry & Hiking

Forestry and Hiking Update by Bruce Magee, LWCA Director – November 2017

Forestry Harvest

There is no change from last year for the 2017-18 Mazinaw-Lanark Forest Inc. Annual Work Schedule (AWS). This is a part of our existing provincial 10-year forest maintenance plan with a harvest of:

Block 191: North and South of Trout Lake Rd. north of Otter Lake

Block 161: South of Weslemkoon Lake Rd 2nd block west of the Lake

Block 163: South of Seymore Creek and east of the Lake

Block 181: South of Ashby Lake between Weslemkoon and Hwy 41.

All of the cuttings will not encroach minimum set-backs from the Lake.

If anyone would like to view a pdf of the maps of these areas please feel free to contact me, and I would be happy to e-mail them to you. My e-mail address is

Tree Planting Project

The riparian zone is the ribbon of land around our lake from the high water mark to the densely forested wood land. From a conservation perspective this is a key strip of land, it must filter effluent from our weeping tile beds, and retain storm water run-off into our lake.

The LWCA will be offering nursery plantings again this year for members that would like to improve the management of their riparian zone around their cottage.

The cost of the seedlings is $1.29 each. If you would like to sign up for this planting on your property please call or e-mail me at

Trail Clearing

The LWCA is continuing its maintenance of our trails leading from Otter and Weslemkoon to other lakes. The goal is to keep our trails in clear and identifiable condition that allows hikers to be closer to nature. Work on a trail will consist of clearing limbs and foliage around the trail head sign, and on the trail pruning back branches and sectioning dead falls that block the path. Keeping it simple/natural, marking the start of the path, and clearing the way to make it an easy hike is the motto of our work.

If you’re interested in helping and would like to participate, please get together a minimum of two people to form a trail maintenance team. Contact me by e-mail Please have the names of your team members ready and committed to the task, an anticipated date to do the maintenance, as well as a couple of trail choices (in case your first choice is already taken by another party). All trail maintenance teams will be thanked and identified in the Loon Call.